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Hoonah Travel Adventures is an Alaskan/Veteran owned small business committed to providing visitors with unique and thrilling tours of the pristine natural beauty of Chichagof Island and Hoonah, Alaska.

We cater to guests of the many cruise ships that stop in Icy Strait Point as well as visitors who fly over from Juneau & Gustavus, offering small group tours out of Hoonah, Alaska. The waters near Icy Strait Point have some of the best humpback whale watching in the world with regular, daily sightings occurring between the months of May through September.  Chichagof Island has the largest concentration of brown bears of anywhere in the world and some of the most amazing vistas on earth!

We offer a Whale Watch, a City & Brewery Tour, a Wilderness Tour & Brown Bear Search, an Arctic Cat Explorer Self Guided Adventure, and Jeep Rentals! We are the largest, privately owned tour company in Hoonah and we are proud to say our entire team are local hires!  We are independent and do not sell through the cruise ships! All of our tours are timed to coincide with the cruise ships schedules. All tours pick up and drop off at the Icy Strait Point Excursions Hub, a short 5 minute walk from your ship. We would love to share Hoonah, Icy Straits and Chichagof Island with you! We will see you in Alaska!

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$100 Whale Sighting Guarantee!

Premier Whale Watch Tour-Discount for Group of 4 or More Must Call

Every summer, humpback whales come to Hoonah in huge numbers to feed on the nutrient rich waters before migrating south again in the winter. On this tour, you'll have the chance to spot humpback and orcas in the beautiful Alaskan waters. We are so confident in our Captain's ability to find whales that we will hand you a $100 Bill if a whale is not spotted on your tour!

Wilderness Tour and Brown Bear Search

Chichagof Island has the highest population of bears per square mile of any place on Earth. Our guides spend a lot of time in the pure, uninhabited Alaskan terrain and know how to spot all kinds of wildlife.

Chichagof Island Jeep Adventure

Take the road less traveled, go where only the locals go, and experience Chichagof Island at your own pace in a Jeep Wrangler (max capacity of five)

Chichagof Island Explorer – Self-Guided Arctic Cat Tour

Set out on a rugged, self-guided tour of the island in an Arctic Cat vehicle. Explore Hoonah's many miles of logging roads through the rain forest while you search for local wildlife like eagles, blacktail deer, and brown bears. All vehicles are equipped with Garmin GPS mapping devices loaded with points of interest.

City and Brewery Tour

Hoonah, Alaska may be a small town, but it boasts many hidden treasures. On this tour, you'll experience Hoonah's history as a fishing and logging village. Then, you'll enjoy beers at Icy Strait Brewing!

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