Tlingit Totem Pole

13 Interesting Facts About Tlingit Art, History & Culture

13 Interesting Facts About Tlingit Art, History & Culture Nestled along the Pacific Northwest coast of North America from British Columbia to Alaska is the territory of the Tlingit tribe. This vibrant culture, part of the Haida family, has a rich heritage that has attracted and captivated travelers for years. The Tlingit community, with their … Continued

Kayaking In Alaska

Kayaking In Alaska – Tips, Tricks, And Places To Visit

Welcome to the ultimate guide to kayaking in Alaska! This beautiful state, with its glaciers, fjords, and abundant wildlife, offers some of the best kayaking experiences in the world. Whether you are a seasoned kayaker or a beginner, Alaska’s stunning scenery and challenging waters will inspire and excite you, especially around Mendenhall Glacier. From the … Continued

Salmon Fishing In Alaska

Salmon Fishing In Alaska – Top Destinations Near Hoonah

Salmon fishing in Alaska is a dream for many travelers. Hoping to catch a monster halibut or the biggest salmon on record is a huge draw for the thousands of travelers who will visit the 49th state in America. There are five popular Pacific salmon species that draw anglers to their dream fishing trips, including: … Continued

7 Adventurous Things To Do On Chichagof Island Near Hoonah

At 2080 square miles, Chichagof Island is the fifth largest island in the United States. Reachable only by float plane or boat, most of the island is a vast, untamed wilderness. Chichagof Island is framed by Admiralty Island to the east, Peril Strait in the south, the Alexander Archipelago to the west, and Glacier Bay … Continued

Hoonah Whale Watching

Whale Watching Alaska – Everything You Need To Know

Going on a whale-watching adventure is an exciting thing to do on an Alaska cruise itinerary. For many people, seeing these beautiful, gentle giants playing in their natural habitat is at the top of their travel wish list. Start your preparations long before embarking on your cruise to have the best whale-watching experience. When Is … Continued