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Hoonah Travel Adventures Crew

Allow us to introduce the Hoonah Travel Adventures Team

Cruz Pedregon et al. posing for a photo

About The Crew

Owners David and Angie came to southeast Alaska for a visit in 1990 and never left. They fell in love with the breathtaking, unspoiled beauty of the area and were charmed by the friendly, independent residents. From the beginning, David and Angie bought a boat and began exploring the beauty of Hoonah and southeast Alaska. Their time on the water fishing and exploring instilled in them an intimate love and understanding of the natural wonders that southeast Alaska has to offer, from the majestic misty mountain peaks to the rugged and graceful shorelines. With its tall pines and pure, clean water teeming with life, Hoonah, Alaska is a true paradise of unspoiled natural beauty. The Wrightsons are proud to call Hoonah their home and are eager to share Hoonah, Alaska with you. With an all local crew, they are thrilled to offer a variety of exciting tours and share the breathtaking sights of Hoonah, Chichagof Island, and the surrounding waters.