Chichagof Island Jeep Adventure


Take the road less traveled, go where only the locals go, and experience Chichagof Island at your own pace in a Jeep Wrangler.


There is no better way to explore Hoonah, Chichagof Island, and the Tongass National Forest than in your own Jeep rental. If it’s a hot sunny day, put on the air conditioner and stay cool! But if it’s raining (it is an Alaska rainforest, after all), take comfort in knowing you can stay warm and dry in a safe, rugged SUV. This is a great value for the adventurous, for couples, for families and groups (five fit comfortably) looking for an independent all-day activity. Enjoy your Jeep rental for five hours of unguided exploration of our Alaskan wilderness!

Hoonah offers several restaurants, shops, and artistic attractions. Be sure to stop and pick up drinks, snacks, and a lunch if you plan to spend the day exploring as there are no services upon leaving town but lots of great places for picnics. Once the paved road turns into dirt, there are two distinct directions to choose from and miles of roads and wilderness to venture into. With a Hoonah Jeep rental and self-guided tour, you set the pace so you can be sure to stop at your leisure to capture the countless photo opportunities.

One of the biggest draws is the chance to see wildlife like brown bear, deer, the many birds, and small mammals that inhabit the island. Be sure to keep an eye out for marine mammals as well as you drive along the coast. Take your time and enjoy seeing parts of Alaska that are seldom seen by non-locals.

This is an unguided experience that is especially appropriate for visitors who like getting off the beaten path and are comfortable in remote wilderness settings. This is not an extreme 4×4 experience but the roads are dirt/gravel and may be bumpy and/or muddy. Always remember that you are in brown bear country and that good bear sense needs to be exercised. Those wishing to hike should only do so in groups on established trails, make lots of noise, and carry bear deterrents (provided). All Jeeps come equipped with a small cooler, bear spray, and a SPOT tracking device/emergency beacon.

Equipment Included:

• Jeep Wrangler Unlimited 4 Door
• Small cooler with bottled water
•GPS navigational aide
•SPOT satellite locating beacon
•Map of Hoonah
•Bear deterrent spray